We wish to inform you that the Tariff per bed per night and the cost of Breakfast and Dinner are under revision. You will be required to pay the difference when you check in to the Youth Hostel Mysore.
From 10.00 AM to 10.00 AM (Next Day)
Rs. 125/-* per day for Students
Rs. 200/- per day for Others (General)
Rs. 500/- per day for Room 2 & 7
Rs. 750/- per day for Room 6
1) * Bonafide students studying full-time in recognized Schools / Colleges / Post Graduate classes.
2) Correspondence course, Stipendiary Research Scholars and such like are not entitled to Student concession.
Rs. 10/- per head - towards Late Arrival Fee (APPLICABLE ONLY ON THE DAY OF CHECK-IN)

Rs. 10/- per head - towards Early Departure Fee ( APPLICABLE ONLY ON THE DAY OF CHECKING-OUT)

(if permitted after gate closing time i.e. 10.30 P.M. / before 6 A.M. as the case may be)
Rs. 60/- for Breakfast with Tea
Rs. 90/- for Dinner (Full Meals)
Rs. 10/- for Tea